One Platform

Same people, same connections, why so many platforms? At Trybe we seek to unify the disjointed social experience and many platforms all serving slightly different purposes. We believe that people should be able to express themselves through words, images, video, sound - whatever fits. Then share it with the world in one simple experience, minimizing friction and maximizing benefit!

No other platform allows people to do what they want on their terms and be rewarded for it.

The social media market is saturated. There are many different platforms - each catered towards a very specific audience:

  • Platforms for Influencers
  • Social Media apps
  • Crowd Funding
  • Fan Activation
  • Platforms for Creators

There isn’t much overlap, with high friction between services which results in a highly fragmented experience for each kind of user.

At Trybe we are connecting these different needs, bringing everyone together to grow together.

Everyone Reaps Rewards

No one should be left behind. If you're a creator publishing content, an influencer expanding your following, a brand representative promoting your brand, or you're one of our amazing consumers - you can promote the content you love and earn revenue on Trybe. Our platform is uniquely designed to benefit everyone who engages with the platform.

Trybe is designed to benefit you as a creator, and as a viewer:

  1. Post content - The best content generates revenue as other users support the creator through awards and exposure.
  2. Give an award, receive points - Points can be used to boost your content, and used as an award to promote content you think is worthy.
  3. Post more content, give more awards, grow your influence.

Social platforms would not be worth your time without amazing content from creators and positive engagement from consumers. We believe in rewarding all the people who make social media happen.

Fairness in Content

It’s really hard to put content out there when you're just getting started. Our mission is to ensure that good content reaches people regardless of who and where it came from.

We believe people want useful content that endures. To support this, media classified as high engagement and positive sentiments will have a longer life-span than media with high engagement and negative sentiments. We reserve 25% of our core feed algorithm power to promote discoverability of new content, ensuring it always has an opportunity to surface at the top of audience feeds.

Allow us to help you go viral!

Your Data is Yours

Large social media platforms today allow you to use their platform in exchange for your most valuable possession - your data. We believe that people should not be treated as a product that can be offered to other companies where everyone benefits but the individual. We make it our business to ensure your data is kept private and secure.

Data will not be resold, even in an anonymized/aggregate state. In addition, Privacy by design rules for architecture are followed, with plans to attain certification. Lastly (but not limited to), limited service accounts ensure ‘inside-job’ attacks are avoided due to controlled access levels in comparison to other networks with super-admin privileges.

You Choose your Destiny

Creating this platform to empower all kinds of users is our way of giving you back control of your social experience. You choose how you want to engage and interact with Trybe. You choose how you will benefit from your engagement. You choose how you want to support content creators. Whether you decide to be a creator, influencer, or a supporter, we'll make sure your efforts are rewarded.

Trybe commits to providing safe, robust, equitable, and privacy-centric social networking. We commit to a monetization mechanism that allows for immediate b2b, b2c and p2p transactions and transactions that always result in a positive dividend.

We're only getting started.

Are you ready to join Trybe?