How does Trybe handle my privacy and data?

Please review our Privacy & Data Policy, which can be found in the website footer or within the App in Profile > Settings. It governs how we collect, use and disclose the personal information you give us. We believe in good privacy stewardship and protection and compliance with applicable privacy laws.

Where can I find the terms of use for the website and app?

Please review our Terms of Use/End User Agreement, which can be found in the website footer or within the App in Profile > Settings.

Is Trybe free to use?

Yes, you can use Trybe for free. If you want, you can optionally purchase gems.

Can I make money using Trybe?

Yes, Trybe has a unique awarding system that allows users to award posts with $. When you receive an award, your balance in your account will increase. You may choose to use these credits to award other users’ posts, or you may withdraw to receive cash.

What are Awards?

Awards are like tips that you can give or receive on posts. To give an award, click on the gem icon when viewing a post to add award credits to your account. You can deposit money ($ USD) to complete the transaction to the creator. This does not unlock any unique content that you couldn’t otherwise already access.

Why would I award a post?

There are lots of reasons why someone would award a post with your credits. If you like a post or appreciate the effort that went into it, awarding a post is one way to support the creator. Awarding is completely optional, but if you choose to award a post, you will receive Booster Points in return. See What are Booster Points? in this FAQ.

What are Booster Points?

Booster Points can be used to improve your posts rank in feeds and expand your audience. You receive Booster Points when you award a post, and for positive participation in the community.

You can Boost your posts in two ways, a regular Boost or a Featured Boost. A Boost will select your post and display it in a relevant feed at a cost of 8 Booster Points. A Featured Boost will display your post in the top/featured position of a feed at a cost of 40 Booster Points.

What can I do to earn Booster Points?

The easiest way to earn booster points is to give awards to other users. You can also earn booster points over time through positive interactions with other users. Comments and likes are some examples of how you can participate to earn a limited amount of points every day.