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Trybe is a new social network that supports creators.

Trybe has created a world class platform to reinvent social media, giving the power back to the users and empowering creators through a fair and equitable system.

All in one A full social media experience

Photos, videos, audio, and text. Trybe supports multiple formats and mediums.

Ability to be awardedGet points rewards for great content.

Don’t just make content. Be rewarded for it! Get paid for content that goes viral through Trybe’s “boost” rewards system.

Collaboration possibilitiesNew collaboration features

Our flexible platform helps creators and brands to build a community they are passionate about including music, art, photos and more. Connect and share content.

Secure dataYour data is safe with us.

Privacy features, user data will not be shared or resold. We value our users data and privacy! We use ethical practices with users data.

We hear youGrow with us.

We listen to our users and engage to build the community that our users want. We have monthly activities, events and themes. Along with a growing list of creators and content makes

Home of socialHome sweet home.

Use Trybe as your social media homepage, collect all your other social content and Trybe can function as your social media home where all your content is located. We even offer a l

What Trybe is about

Success in the next generation of social media will be driven by people rewarding one another: the next phase of the passion economy is built with a foundation of community.

Trybe is shaping this future by giving people the power to build their community in one place to reward one another, have fun, and be creative.

We built Trybe to have a positive impact on people’s lives by creating a platform that allows people to reward one another for the content they create.

As social media has evolved over the past 2 decades, people have become increasingly aware of the impact it can make in a person life. At Trybe we are keeping the focus on our users being able to create, be rewarded, monetization of content and have fun while doing it.

Gone are the days of running a social media platform solely driven by algorithms, with some features that allow for users to transact is over. Trybe is the solution by allowing creators, fans and friends to build and run their community for themselves and make money while they do it.

Meet the founders

Lead singer of top-selling, multi-platinum band Nickelback & 604 Records Inc, a Canadian record label.
Successful musician, ex-Jet Black Stare, owner of Versa Platinum Construction, a major construction company in BC.
Successful musician, ex-Jet Black Stare, owner of Manicdown Music Inc., a major production studio.
Serial entrepreneur in the manufacturing business, member, YPO Gold. Former member of various charities.